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Business Transformational Consulting

Business & Process Re-engineering

Every business likes to be agile, flexible and responsive to their customer base. And 5G can help in this direction via evaluation and recommendation of state of the art tools, technologies, processes and automation to create or maintain competitive advantage, reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness. In other words, 5G can help customers plan, justify and implement cost-effective migrations from traditional methods to more flexible, adaptive and responsive processes, be it establishing business process inter-connectivity between cross functional departments, machines, devices, humans and processes using the state of the art internet and web technologies or establishing a mobility infrastructure for the various operational processes or justifying a business need for adopting a cloud based service for achieving a business function within the organization and so on.

Product Ideation & Architecting Solutions

We collaborate with our customers in the ideation thought cycle which originates right from the birth of an idea thru determining the philosophy behind the idea, its differentiation or impact to the end user/market, the creativity and innovation that can be achieved in the process of building the embodiment of the idea into a product and so on. In many instances 5G has also been involved in the subsequent stages of the life cycle which includes the breakdown of the above-mentioned philosophy into a set of specific and significant business goals for the purpose of developing an architecture which can then lead to the process of building a sound architecture that depicts the inherent structural elements and further elucidates how those elements will interact.