Who we are...

We specialize in providing smart manufacturing solutions.

Our expertise has been in embodying 5th Generation (5G) computing technologies in our solutions, such as, Artificial Intelligence based autonomous computing and machine learning - to achieve continuous improvement in manufacturing performance excellence.

We have served global leaders across 16 countries over the last two decades.

What's New...

November 2022
5G Technologies USA Ltd. is a Finalist for Engineering Product of the Year at Digital Engineering Awards 2022!
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October 2022
5G Energy Part of an Ontario/Canada Business Delegation to Mexico

As part of the Canadian contingent to León, meetings with leading local manufacturers were held (Bio Pappel, Textiles León, Flex International, & Nissan Aguascalientes) with the Mission culminating in our participation in Industrial Transformation Mexico 2022 as both an exhibitor and panel speaker. 5G’s Chairman (Dr. Ananth Seshan) and 5G Mexico’s President (Mr. Guillermo Grimm) officially represented us. Learn More..

August 2022
BorgConnect® Showcased at Advanced Manufacturing Expo, in Collaboration with Feyen Zylstra

A big thanks to the FZ team for presenting BorgConnect® at their booth at Advanced Manufacturing Expo, on Aug. 11 & 12, in Grand Rapids. Learn More..

August 2022
BorgConnect® is Part of a Portable Smart Manufacturing Workstation from Amatrol

We’re excited to be collaborating with Amatrol - a leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning solutions for industry - on a portable learning station designed to teach hands-on Industry 4.0 applications to the next-generation workforce. BorgConnect® is the central edge platform for data acquisition & monitoring. Learn More..

July 2022
5G’s Chairman & MESA Chair, Dr. Ananth Seshan, inaugurates a Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Centre at IIT-Madras

The partnership with MESA International, AMTDC, & Cantier Systems aims to create a centre for democratising Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation in India. Learn More..

June 2022
BorgConnect® Receives an Innovation Award at Smart Manufacturing Experience 2022

For making Smart Manufacturing accessible to Small & Medium manufacturers through our low-cost BorgConnect® platform, that integrates with CESMII’s Innovation Platform to provide simple marketplace apps for informed decision-making, CESMII awarded us the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Award 2022 at the Pittsburgh event. Learn More..

What we offer...


Integration. Intelligence. Improvement.

Check out how our BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Platform connects to sensors, devices, controllers & systems at the edge (within the plant). Learn how the solution delivers actionable intelligence from raw data, and/or, performs self diagnosis to improve process efficiencies!


Early Prognosis. Predictive Maintenance. Failure Prevention.

Get information on how Enterprise Gateway ensures critical plant assets are operating at optimal availability & reliability. Check out how early prognosis of an emerging failure condition is performed. Learn how predictive maintenance work orders are automatically generated to prevent critical failures!


Intelligent Use of Energy.

Understand how eC4 is able to optimize the energy cost per unit of product produced in a manufacturing plant. Learn how non-invasive and simple it is to implement eC4 for achieving production energy optimization!


Monitor Work. Assist Digitally. Avoid Errors.

Learn how our Empowered Worker™ suite of solutions delivers real-time contextualized and guided intelligence to the next generation factory worker. Check out how complex tasks can be performed right the first time without errors, rework, omissions and stress!