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5G is a boutique research and innovation group founded in the year 2000. With a vision of being a niche player in the automated discovery and use of real time intelligence, 5G has conducted research, developed and successfully commercialized 6 software/digital products to large manufacturers, utilities and facilities worldwide.

5G's products have a field experience of over 750,000 hours across a user base of about 14 countries. 5G also has a sterling track record of developing software products for third party customers using its rigorous and well tested product engineering practices, to a geographically widespread, global customer base that includes both leading edge technology start-ups to large, global Fortune 50 enterprises in the following verticals: manufacturing, utilities, social media start-ups, mobile and online gaming, advertising, finance, and healthcare.


5G has several research partnerships with global universities in order to apply new technologies (for automated discovery and use of real time intelligence) to real problems facing the industry. 5G operates out of Canada, India, Mexico and the U.S.A.