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BorgConnect® Platform for Covid-19 Point-of-Care Test Management

Point-of-care testing of covid-19 disease has just started and testing at scale is just round the corner! And 5G shall be ready to act as a responsible corporate citizen to provide reliable and secure acquisition of test result data by connecting to test kits directly, generate real time reports of tested positive cases by geography to the appropriate health authorities and government officials, improve effectiveness of targeting new tests using machine learning and improve the effectiveness of the replenishment test kits and medical supplies to healthcare providers via integration of the entire ecosystem (from manufacturer thru logistics provider to health care centers) via the platform.


5G shall adapt our existing capabiity of the BorgConnect online platform to connect at scale (via multiple clusters) to multiple manufacturing assets and SME units in order to acquire quality data of manufactured parts directly from multiple test instruments in real time - to the said covid-19 point of care testing scenario.


In other words, when large scale point-of-care testing starts 5G's BorgConnect® platform shall:

(a) connect to test equipment directly in various hospitals, clinics and test centers in order to objectively and securely record test results' data and provide reliable processing & up to date statistical analysis of the disease prevalence, precision, negative predicted value, sensitivity, specificity, etc., across tested regions Such data/analysis shall have the capability to drill down granularly to a local region and at the same time aggregate across a district/state/across states (without violating privacy provisions) to appropriate health authorities and authorised government officials to make informed decisions;

(b) using machine learning to discover relevant associations between positive cases already identified in various geographical regions in order to target potential untested positive cases thereby improving testing effectiveness;

(c) provide heads up information of the demand for ventilators, thermometers, protective equipment and test kits by directly connecting (via the same platform) hospitals, clinics and health care centers to manufacturing units of such devices. Our company proposes to develop and deliver such an online platform.

More information on this soon..



Reach out to us if your are interested to collaborate in this initiative.