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Borg V

The Philosophy

Focused on small & medium manufacturers, Borg V is a proprietary IIoT tablet-based unified production performance visualization tool that monitors the real-time status of production, maintenance, and quality.

The Methodology

Part of our Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions, Borg V uses BorgConnect® to collect machine data directly from the production line to provide dynamic visibility, analytics, and threshold-based intelligence into key production metrics, losses, unexpected stoppages, trends, and energy consumption. In other words, Borg V provides different points of view into the performance of production, maintenance, and quality.




The Value: Smart Short Interval Control using AI

Borg V provides each plant floor stakeholder with a "smart" real-time software app to effectively implement Short Interval Control (SIC). The AI-based SIC module in the app generates actionable intelligence for short duration control of manufacturing performance by providing the necessary timely intelligence on where and why the major losses are occurring during a shift, and what course corrections are required for the next shift.

Borg V therefore empowers plant stakeholders to ensure that OEE is continuously improved and production performance is maximized!




Let us help improve the operational performance of your plant in real-time!