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Borg Q Whitepaper

A Large OEM Achieves Zero Defects
in Supplier Manufactured Parts

A large OEM was encountering a high cost of quality of bought out parts from its regional network of 80 suppliers due to the high variability in their quality practices. Furthermore, lack of data-driven inspections at the supplier sites resulted in errors not being identified and rectified before dispatch. As a result, additional QC checks of the inbound goods had to be performed by the OEM, and faulty parts were frequently returned and re-ordered.

5G implemented a simple-to-use proprietary IIoT solution called Borg Q that integrated supplier quality to the OEM's mandated quality processes and standards to create "one version of the truth". This empowered the operators at the supplier's sites to eliminate omissions/inspection mistakes while providing the OEM the critical ability to track quality inspection metrics (both in-process and end-of-line) in real-time to ensure conformance with their quality standards.

The concurrent access (at the OEM end) to the quality of a batch BEFORE dispatch from the supplier's sites eliminated the need for post-delivery quality inspection checks, reduced the number of defective parts shipped, and provided the suppliers valuable visibility into operator training and process improvements.

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