Whether you are a small & medium manufacturer or a large global player, BorgConnect® is the fastest and the most economical enabler of your Smart Manufacturing transformation!

BorgConnect® provides valuable insights via tablet/smart phone-based customizable apps to enhance manufacturing performance in 4 focus areas:

Track KPIs like OEE, throughput, utilization, and downtime by root cause to uncover bottlenecks. Generate actionable intelligence in short intervals.

By digitalizing both in-house and supplier quality measurements, eliminate operator errors & omissions while integrating with in-house quality management systems.

Connect directly to any energy guzzler (machines), and optimize energy consumption for various load conditions.

By learning patterns of failure using machine intelligence, predict future failures of equipment and reduce downtime. Move to preventive and predictive maintenance to optimize asset life.

With BorgConnect®:

Connect to your factory in a few hours.

Use minimal in-house IT resources & infrastructure.

Convert legacy machines into smart assets.

Small & medium manufacturers can adopt Industry 4.0 at low cost using our Smart Manufacturing Bundle!

How the BorgConnect® Platform has Benefited Various Manufacturers

Tractor OEM Reduces Downtime by 60%.

Cylinder Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs by 15%.

An SME Manufacturer Improves Shop Floor Productivity.

Automotive OEM Eliminates Defective Parts across its Supplier Network.

Automotive OEM Reduces Line Downtime via Conveyor Status Tracking.

Railway Coach Manufacturer Digitizes Entire Inspection Process.