Assess When, Where and how
efficiently energy
(Water, Air, Gas,
Electricity, Steam and Renewables)
being used in your plant.

Implement strategies to optimize
energy usage on a continuous basis
against production demand.
at least one month's bill every year!

Use eC4 to implement this Smart
Manufacturing Practice in 3 steps:

Using non-intrusive current sensors, eC4 connects directly to machines thus converting every critical asset in the plant into a live energy sensor.

Using advanced statistical techniques, eC4 automatically learns what is the normal usage of energy for varying operating conditions and machining cycles across all connected energy guzzlers. As a by-product of such learning, eC4 identifies "Energy Over-Consumption Events" or anomalies via self-diagnosis.

Puts the learning from step 2 to positive effect by continuously identifying opportunities to remove energy waste in each energy guzzler that is working on a given production schedule. Substantiate the savings that can be achieved in each opportunity quantitatively.